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Educators trained from 1000+ Schools & Colleges
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Covered Google & other educational Tools
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Educators trained from 1000+ Schools & Colleges
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Educators trained from 1000+ Schools & Colleges
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Covered Google & other educational Tools
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Program Overview

Technology is considered to be a boon and a bane. It can be used positively for education to give 21st century skillsets as well as negatively by making children glued to tech devices. As a parent it is your duty to know technology and therefore balance the use of technology in your child’s life for their overall growth. “Digitally Smart Parents”- A 5 weeks instructor led online training program helps you balance the use of technology for overall well being. This program will help you to

  • Give 21st Century skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication using Digital Tools to your children
  • Create Secure digital environment to help kids not to become addicted to Social Media or Gaming
  • Track digital activity & footprint of your children
  • Reduce the technological gap between parents and children
  • Learn how to use free digital tools in teaching your children effectively
  • Provide and create a safe technological environment for your child
  • Hands-on training on the new age digital tools (Google, Microsoft etc) to increase productivity in your day-to-day life


Why Digitally Smart Parents?

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Training Program Details

Live Online Training

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Online Reading Material
  • Regular Doubt solving sessions
  • 12+ Assignments and feedback
  • Platform for all parents

Training Program Fee:

  • Rs.5,000 for each participant

Group Enrollments:

  • Rs.4,000 each participant (Minimum 2 Participants)

Distance Learning

  • Recorded Video lectures on all the topics
  • Step by step instruction guide
  • Forum for doubt solving
  • 12+ Assignments and feedback
  • Discussion with Peers

Training Program Fee:

  • Rs.4,000 for each participant

Group Enrollments:

  • Rs.3,500 each participant (Minimum 2 Participants)

About Digitally Smart Parents Course

Why become a Digitally Smart Parent?

During this course you will learn the basic User Interface of digital tools as well as of a mobile phone. This will enable you to use any tech device without assistance. After completing the course you will receive a certificate from UpEducators on becoming a Digitally Smart Parent and you can also do the Google Applied Digital Citizenship course and receive a Google Badge to add to your collection. By being a Digitally Smart Parent you will be able to:

  1. Ensure Child does not become addicted to Online Games and Social Media
  2. Create a balance in your child in using technology.
  3. Leverage technology to teach your child. 
  4. Use any tech device confidently.
  5. Increase work productivity. 
  6. Understand the right age for your child to learn coding. 
  7.  Learn how to become good Netizens and learn digital citizenship skills.

By becoming a digitally smart parent you will be well connected with the latest technological advances in the field of education and otherwise. But here are a few that we have listed for you. 

    • Reduces the Digital gap between parent and child.
    • Learn how to create a safe digital environment for your child.
    • Learn to use technology in the teaching- learning process with your child.
    • Become experts in using Google and other tools for Education.
    • Become tech savvy and create your own social media accounts. 
    • Learn how to control and manage the online activity of your child.
Syllabus / Outline
  1. Introduction to Technology:
    An insight into how technology has progressed and impacted the life of humans. How it has brought us closer yet we are turning distant towards each other. We will discuss how parents can exercise control when it comes to their children and tech gadgets
  2. Important productivity tools to enhance your productivity and reduce workload. Like Google Docs to increase collaboration, Spreadsheet to stay organised, Forms to make quizzes, Slides to make great presentations and so much more!
  3. Hands-on Training for Productivity tools
  4. User interface of new digital tools
  5. Understand how Mobile UI works
  6. Learn how Tech companies keep your children addicted to Gaming and Social Media
  7. Coding – Pros and cons for your young child
  8. How to leverage technology to teach your child
  9. Digital Citizenship skills.
  10. Creating a safe technological environment for your child & keep a track on your child’s digital activity


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Tools Covered in the Training Program

Download Our Syllabus

Carefully crafted by industry-leading professionals

Certification Process

  • Complete the training program
  • Successfully clear the Exam
  • Get your certificate from UpEducator
  • Google Badge – Applied Digital Skills

Trainer Profile

Ankush Bhandari

2000+ Trained | 1000+ Schools and Colleges | Google Certified Trainer

(Tap to view profile)

He is one of the leading trainers in India to teach “Technology to Trainers” & he is also a Google Certified Trainer to teach Google tools to educators. In the previous role, he was heading an NSDC partner company. Under his leadership, the company has trained more than 15,000 students & professionals on Data Science, Finance, Accounts and Digital Marketing at 15 different locations across India.

He has conducted training programs for various schools, institutes and organizations including MHRD ( SPIU Bhopal) , Symbiosis Group, MIT Group MP, Yashwant college Nanded, GSITES Indore etc.

Vinodini Gupta

Google Certified Educator | PGD in Advance Computing | 250+ Teachers trained

(Tap to view profile)

Ms.Vinodini Gupta is a Google Certified Educator and Post Graduate Diploma in Advance Computing (DAC). She has been teaching Computer Science subjects for the last 15+ years.

She has taught over 250 Teachers at UpEducators on Google Certified Educators and Google tools.

Trained 2000+ Educators from 1000+ Schools and Colleges

General FAQs

Is this program going to be theoretical or hands-on?

This is a hands-on training program. We follow the method of learning by doing. The trainer will lead the program and provide opportunities for the participants to carry out the task individually. Assignments of different activities will also be allotted.

Why is training focusing more on Google tools like Forms, Docs etc rather than the Microsoft tools like Powerpoint, Excel, word?

Both Microsoft and Google offer a core package of tools that cover classroom essentials. Not only do these online tools make it simple for teachers to conduct class but also helps them to send classroom materials, grade assignments, conduct assessments and monitor student progression. However, there are some tools which are exclusively available on Google only. For example, using Google Site a teacher or parent can build their own website and showcase their expertise, he/she can also share testimonials on a live dashboard on the website. Other additional tools are Earth, YouTube Classroom, Groups, Lens etc.  Not to forget, all of these tools are free and pocket friendly.

Will I also learn coding in this program?

No. We will be focusing on what is coding, the pros and cons of coding and how coding companies use marketing gimmicks to lure parents to register their child for a coding class.

How is this training program going to help me reduce the digital gap between me and my children?

By becoming a Digitally Smart Parent, you will be able to navigate the basics of any tech device confidently. You will be able to create social media accounts and surf the internet comfortably. Through this course you will also learn how to use these educational tools for the benefit of your child’s education. Thereby bringing you and your child closer to each other when it comes to technology.

How will this program help me in saving money for my child's education?

During the period of this course, we will introduce you to a range of free and essential educational tools that you and your child can use. Since the Google for education tools are  free, you will be saving a lot of unnecessary costs and gaining more by engaging your child in interactive tools for education.

How long is this training program going to be?

This training program will be for the duration of four weeks.

Plan & Pricing

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Customer Reviews

I joined this program to upgrade my knowledge regarding usage of all Google tools and become a certified educator. Regular practical assignments and interaction with other participants really helped us a lot in learning Google for Education tools.
Anjana Khare
Coordinator & Teacher (Chemistry), Jamnabai Narsee School
The training program, I would consider as an absolute great help to raise the level of my confidence to understand & also to use Google tools. Engaging and engrossing assignments made us confident to use Google Education tools.
Kumudni Rana
Head Mistress - Bunts Sangha's S M Shetty High School & Jr. College

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Marketing Head

Tiana Gouse

Project Manager

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