Top 8 Most Popular Google Apps and Tools for Teachers

Ms. Aditi is an enthusiastic middle school educator, who was confronted with the challenge of captivating her tech-savvy students. She embraced the prowess of Google’s educational toolbox. Utilizing Google Classroom, she effortlessly dispatched assignments, collected submissions, and nurtured lively discussions. Google Docs enabled her students to craft documents collaboratively in real-time, transcending classroom confines. Impelled […]

Tips for teachers to use Microsoft Teams effectively

Ms Ruchi, a dedicated educator, embarked on a digital voyage armed with Microsoft Teams, seeking to transform her remote teaching into an inspiring adventure. With Teams as her ship, she navigated the uncharted waters of virtual classrooms, seamlessly connecting with students across screens. Her lectures evolved into interactive odysseys, with collaborative assignments and real-time discussions […]

Virtual Field Trips: Exploring the World Through Technology-Infused Learning

Ms. Priyanka, a passionate and creative history teacher was eager to ignite her students’ curiosity. She sought to transform traditional classrooms into captivating explorations. Embracing technology’s potential, she introduced virtual field trips, revolutionising history lessons. Through seamless integration of history and technology, her students embarked on virtual journeys to ancient civilizations, battlefields, and iconic landmarks. […]

6 ways to use Podcasting in Education to Amplify Student Voice and Creativity

Ms Nidhi, an enthusiastic English teacher, cherished nurturing her students’ creativity and individuality. Seeking to provide them with a platform for self-expression, she embarked on an innovative adventure into the world of podcasting. Beginning with a simple podcast where her students discussed their favourite books, the show quickly gained popularity, captivating not only their peers […]

Unleashing the Power of Augmented Reality (AR) in the Classroom: Ideas and Applications

Augmented reality (AR) is like a magical portal that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Imagine looking through a special lens, where the ordinary suddenly transforms into the extraordinary. AR overlays computer-generated elements onto the real world, enriching our perception and experience. It’s as if hidden layers of information, interactive objects, or […]

5 Innovative Approaches to Homework and Assignments Every teacher must use

Ms Nidhi, a dedicated teacher, noticed her students’ dwindling engagement with homework assignments. Determined to make a positive change, she adopted innovative strategies. She introduced choice boards, allowing students to select assignments aligned with their interests and learning styles. Collaborative projects and real-world applications were integrated to make the tasks more meaningful. Ms Nidhi also […]

How data analysis help in teaching better

Ms Aditi, an enthusiastic educator, recognized the potential of data in her classroom. Using assessments and surveys, she delved into the data to gain valuable insights for improving her teaching methods. Diligently examining student performance, she pinpointed areas where they needed more support and identified individual requirements. Utilizing this information, she crafted customized lessons that […]

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