I am a Physical Education Teacher, How will the Google Certified Educator Program help me?

Physical Education is not only about being fit and doing some exercise. It requires you to be disciplined and determined to stay true to your goal. But how would this be possible if you do not know how to manage your work

Sir Brij Arora is a Physical Education teacher from Maxfort School, Delhi. He shares his story with us on how the Google Certified Educator Program has helped him in his field of work.
“My major responsibilities are teaching and Coaching. During the lockdown, I faced a lot of problems because I was not very tech savvy. I was helpless. So I attended the online training on Google Certified Educator conducted by Tech for Educators. Trust me after this course I am so confident. Moreover, I incorporate new ways of using technology in my work, for instance I am able to upload study material on Google Classroom. I use the Google Calendar tools for organizing events, public meetings and sports activities. Recently, our Teachers Day celebration was also live on YouTube.I firmly believe that every teacher must be a Google Certified Educator as it is the need of the hour.”
Sir. Brij Arora, never thought that online educational tools could be incorporated into the Physical Education department but whether the Coronavirus is here to stay or not, being able to carry out work using technology is. Through this course Sir Brij Arora has learnt to do the bookings of the cricket grounds and the basketball court by using the Google Calendar tool. He has also learnt to confirm entries (number of teams) from different schools and make the event Live using YouTube and Google Meet.  As we move into the new era, we see technology being used in all fields of work. Here are some ways in which the Google tools will prove useful in the physical education department!

Set up a Poll

As a PE teacher you can set up a poll in the Google Classroom and ask your students questions on which activity they would like to do/learn about for the day. Let their ideas help shape some of the activities. In this way the student becomes an active learner as the student takes an initiative in their learning. 

Use Google Forms

Google Forms is a great tool for collecting student data. Apart from that, students can report their activity such as how many laps they ran, they can solve quizzes on the rules of a game and much more. Attaching Forms in the Google Classroom gives you a count of who has filled out the form and who has not. They can submit their feedback through the Forms as well. Hosting an event but collecting participation forms is becoming difficult? No problem! Google Forms is here to make your work easy and organised. Through the GCE course you will learn how to make registration forms and collate data from a large number of people. An added bonus; no more wasting paper!

Provide Feedback

The private comment feature in Google Classroom can be used to give students feedback on their activities. Either from videos they posted or classroom observations. Private notes can be made directly into the Google Classroom app and the respective student will be the only one to receive it. 

Log your work

Maintaining a fitness regime daily can be hard at times, but all athletes must.  You can make your work super easy by using Google Spreadsheets for your students/athletes, to log their activity or nutrition intake daily. In this way you will have all the information you need stored in one place. Thus maintaining discipline not only when it comes to physical activities on the field but also discipline in your work.


You can post resources about game rules, activities or workouts that you want your students to follow. You can also post diet plans and some blog articles or links that you think your students might find useful. In this way you can help your students to go beyond the PE classroom.

Mark as Done Feature

After completing a particular task students can mark off what they have completed. So you as a teacher are informed about which students are active and those who are slacking. 

Share Announcements

Let students know when the school team has a match or special after school practice by posting on the Google Classroom.

Use the Calendar

Any assignments with a due date automatically appear in the class Google Calendar. Students can see what is coming up in PE on their calendar.

One Stop Point

A website is an easy one point stop for all information. Through the website you can promote your sports coaching class by putting up all the information in one place. Whether it’s the different sports activities, gym sessions and cardio workouts, meal plans, awards and recognition, information about your coaches and faculty members etc. You can also make your website interesting by adding in images and videos and linking different affiliated sports equipment links for people to purchase.  Apart from all the above listed advantages, I am sure that there are many more that you would still be able to list out. Physical Education does not necessarily have to be done only when the teacher and student are present physically. You can now do the same virtually and have the desired results. Join the Google Tech Educator club to learn more about it. 

Author: This article is written by Elrica Menezes for Tech for Educators blog. She is a Google Certified Educator and teaches at Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai.

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