Ten Reasons Why You Should Become A Google Certified Educator – Level 1 and 2

There are numerous online courses that one can do in order to upgrade themselves. Why then should one do the Google Certified Educator course? We’ll tell you why! With the dawn of tech gadgets in the classroom and at home, the teaching learning process has progressed in leaps and bounds.

Ms. Ashwini Gopal, a teacher at Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai, says that she has learnt all Google tools and she is able to help other teachers at work efficiently. For example: the navigation feature on Google Doc has helped teachers to move faster in their lesson plans and observations. 

This course has not only changed the way she works but also helps her create, develop and explore more efficient ways of carrying out the teaching learning process in a 21st Century classroom. 

Here’s ten reasons why becoming a Google Certified Educator is the need of the hour! 

Professional Growth

The GCE course aids in lifelong learning and it makes a teacher professionally equipped to face the changes that are occurring in the field of education and technology. At Tech For Educators, a teacher will learn over 16+ online educational tools which he/she can implement in their classroom and thus stand apart from their colleagues and get recognised by the Principal. On successfully completing the exam, the teacher gets a GCE Badge which they can proudly display and a certificate which holds a lot of value in the job market. Now implementing the use of technology in the classroom is no more a luxury but a necessity. So add another feather to your hat!

Reduces Digital Gap

Many students are now learning coding, and classes like WhitehatJr, Byjus and others are becoming increasingly popular. This is where becoming a GCE is important in order to reduce the digital gap between teachers and students. If your students are more tech savvy than you, it is time for you to upgrade yourself. Through the course you will learn how to use different tools that will bridge your students and you closer in the field of education technology.

Makes Learning Effective

Get innovative while teaching and help your students learn and remember concepts effectively. You will learn how augmented reality like the use of Google Earth can be incorporated into your lesson and with little effort you can make difficult concepts easy! Apart from that, you will get to know how different tools can be used to increase classroom engagement.

Safe Space / Positive Digital Citizens

Since everything is now on the screen, it is very easy for children to get diverted to upteen distractions, get bullied online and create a negative space for others by posting hate comments. The GCE course has been designed to help Educators to teach students how to create a positive and safe environment for others, how to safely surf the web and to identify and take action at the right time. 


Many tools in G Suite have accessibility features built in, including screen readers, voice typing, and braille displays—and Google Classroom is no different. It helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with students and guardians. With the wide range of information and learning resources online, the teacher will have a library of study material.

Remote Learning

No matter how remote a student is, effective online teaching can overcome distance and a Google Certified Educator knows that! Through this course one will learn over 16+ educational tools and how each tool can help aid in learning effectively. The teacher will learn how to create quizzes, build a website, create a YouTube channel, assign and grade assessments digitally.

Multiple Intelligence

A Google Certified Educator is able to cater to each child’s needs and multiple intelligences, like the visual learners, auditory learners, spatial learners and others. That is because he/she is equipped with the knowledge of how to do it. Through this course, one will be exposed to a range of educational tools each having different specialities which can be used as an advantage to ensure that learning is effective and stress free for the student.

Creating A Paperless Classroom

Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change. It helps people understand and address the impact of global warming, increases “climate literacy” among young people, encourages changes in their attitudes and behaviour, and helps them adapt to climate change related trends. One such way is by creating a paperless classroom. Now there is no need to print, collect and file pages of paper when everything can be done digitally. A teacher can now store all lesson plans, students submissions, important notices etc. digitally. With the help of Google Drive, Classroom and other G tools a teacher can stay organised and create a paper free class.

Collect Data and Improve Feedback

Knowing your students’ strengths and weaknesses will help you teach them better. With the help of Google Forms a teacher can create a quiz or a feedback form. In this way, at a glance the teacher will know the areas where her students are lacking and work on them. Or find out ways they can improve themselves. Thus making overall learning effective.

Reduces Workload

Teaching is a 24×7 job and often teachers must learn to use their time efficiently and effectively. Like Ms. Ashwini, the use of the different tools has reduced her workload and helped her and her colleagues manage their time more efficiently.  

Increases Collaboration

A GCE  is loaded with so many ways of engaging students online, thus increasing student collaboration. Through Docs, Groups, Classroom, Slides etc an educator can create a platform for students to work together and participate in projects. This is also great for students who are shy or on the quieter side. 

Apart from all the reasons listed above, this course offers teachers the opportunity to become digitally literate, builds their confidence and improves their teaching skills in numerous ways. 

If these reasons aren’t enough for you to become a GCE, then I’d suggest you register and do the course with us at Tech For Educators. 

Author: This article is written by Elrica Menezes for Tech for Educators blog. She is a Google Certified Educator and teaches at Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai.

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