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9 Best Online Teaching Courses

Online teaching is no more an unpaid job undertaken by teachers to pursue their passion. Moreover, teaching online is a lucrative industry in the 21st century. Teachers can not only guide but even learn from a lot of online teachers’ training courses.

A lot of teachers are busy with their tight schedules and thus do not get time to commute to learn and upskill. But a teacher must learn new age skills to stay relevant in the teaching profession. Hence, online teaching courses for educators play a vital role in upskilling and even training teachers to become professional educators.

upEducators has trained 5000+ teachers in learning digital skills and pedagogies. Interacting with thousands of teachers has helped our team analyse practically the various aspects of online teaching and learning. With continuous research and communication with many experienced educators, we have found the best online teaching courses that teachers can pursue to upskill and learn. Let us dive straight into these courses

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training by All India Teacher Training Academy

Nursery teachers need to be creative individuals who possess skills like story-telling to make learning interactive and fun for young minds. It is an ideal career option for anyone looking to pursue teaching right after completing school. With a course like a Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training by All India Teacher Training Academy candidates can pursue nursery teacher training remotely.

The course focuses on a holistic approach to teaching and educating children. The course trains teachers to develop skills that help in the physical, social and emotional development of children at this stage. The self-paced course can be completed in 150 hours and the maximum duration to complete it is 12 months.

Fee: for online mode is INR 18,000 and for distance mode, it is INR 19,500.

Inclusive Teaching: Supporting all teachers in the college classroom by edX

This 6-week free course for educators addresses crucial issues faced by educators and students in a classroom. A classroom consists of varied minds as every learner comes from a different background and has a different cognitive behaviour and learning style. It is thus important for educators to adopt inclusive teaching practices in the classroom. The course is dedicated to teaching educators how they can create learning environments that support and cater to every student’s learning needs and behaviour. Educators enrolled on this course learn to create inclusive learning environments and how to make classrooms more accessible to every student. The course was developed by the Columbia University Centre and helps teachers in addressing important issues in the classroom.

Fee: Optional Upgrade Available

Google Certified Educators by upEducators

Technology and digital tools have a major role in today’s world. Even the education sector is using technology in online as well as blended learning environments. Whether you are an online educator or a teacher working in a school, you need to have digital skills and be tech-savvy to teach in a dynamic learning environment. 

Google Certified Educators course by upEducators has trained thousands of teachers in learning digital skills and pedagogies. The course aims to provide hands-on learning for teachers and train them in using 18+ Google tools for Education. After completing this 5-week course, a teacher with no knowledge of technology can learn and implement Google Tools for Education like Google Sites, Google Classroom and Forms to make the classroom more engaging, interactive and simpler. After completion, candidates receive a certificate from Google and a badge which helps increase the credibility of the educator. The course has helped many teachers to land better job opportunities.

Fee: The course is priced at INR 8000 with an exam fee of 3,500 of Level 1 and Level 2 included for a limited time.

Foundations of teaching for learning by Professor John MacBeath (Coursera)

Teaching involves a lot of soft skills other than subject expertise. This course is designed for anyone who is a teacher or wants to pursue teaching at any level. The programme consists of 8 courses delivered by experts like John MacBeath from the University of Cambridge, UK and will help teachers develop their skills in teaching and even provide professional development. The candidates can enrol on this course for free and it is a 100% remote learning course for teachers. After completion, the candidates will receive a digital certificate. 

Fee: Enrollment is free

Classroom strategies for Inquiry-based learning by the University of Texas

Inquiry-based learning is a powerful tool that every teacher must implement in the classroom. The Classroom Strategies for Inquiry-based learning course by the University of Texas helps teachers in learning and implementing inquiry-based learning strategies in the classroom. This course trains teachers to use this strategy in the classroom and create a learner-centric environment.

Fee: Optional Upgrade Available

Digital Marketing course for Educators by upEducators

Many teachers are making a switch to online teaching. Not only this but there is a growing number of online learners every day. There is an increasing demand for teachers who can teach virtually and remotely to a group of global students. But not every teacher knows the right strategies to grow and expand their online classroom. All the generic digital marketing courses do not focus on teacher-centric marketing strategies. Hence, teachers need digital marketing courses designed for educators like Digital Marketing for Educators by upEducators. This course is specially designed to cater to the digital marketing needs of online educators, coaching owners, private tutors and teachers everywhere. 

The 5-week long interactive course focuses on teaching website building, lead generation, creating social media campaigns, digital strategies and even competitor analysis with the help of relevant tools and technologies. Learners get access to 12+ case studies and free digital marketing tools worth 25000

Fee: The course is priced at 8000 for the core module and 3000 for the Masterclass.

Microsoft Certified Educators by upEducators

Learning digital tools and pedagogies is necessary for teachers in the 21st century. And professional development courses like Microsoft Certified Educators by upEducators help teachers learn 15+ Microsoft for Education tools with new age skills and pedagogies. This instructor-led training course provides a live and interactive platform for educators to learn together in a cohort learning environment. Educators get to learn many things like creating an e-book, interactive classrooms, using AR/VR in lesson planning and even gamification in the classroom. 

Fee: The course fee is INR 8000.

Developing strategies for Online Teaching and Learning by Harvard Graduate School of Learning

The Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning by Harvard Graduate School of Learning is a four-week online course that helps teachers in developing and implement virtual learning strategies in the classroom. The course is backed up by research and theories and helps teachers in building a virtual presence to teach online or in a blended learning environment.

Fee: The course is priced at USD 295 (Approximately INR 23000) and is offered remotely to teachers, principals, administrators or anyone related to the education field.

Coding for Educators by upEducators

Coding is a new-age skill that every student wants to learn. It has tremendous career potential and thus more teachers are needed in schools and on virtual learning platforms to teach coding to learners. upEducators offers a Coding for Educators course that helps teachers learn to code and develop coding skills which can be sued in teaching coding to their students. In this 5-weeks live course, teachers learn the foundations of coding, get familiar with multiple coding platforms and learn 21st-century skills that are necessary for the present time. 

Fee: The course is priced at INR 8000.

Learning remotely with online courses is not only easy but learners get access to courses provided by experienced trainers. Since upskilling is crucial for teachers in the present scenario, educators can learn and upskill with the help of such courses and online resources. With a breakthrough in educational technology, teachers can easily learn from the comfort of their homes and upskill with the vast availability of such courses.

Author: This article is written by Samiya Rashid for upEducators blog.

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