5 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a Professional Website in this Digital Age

Ms Teena, an experienced and dedicated educator, faced the challenge of reaching and attracting more students to her classroom. To overcome this, she created a professional website, leveraging the digital age and embracing technology. Her website became a central hub where she showcased her teaching philosophy, shared success stories, and provided valuable resources for students […]

Study Hacks That Every Teacher Must Use in the Classroom for better Student performance

Ms Jeny, an innovative teacher, aimed to boost her student’s academic success by introducing study hacks like meditation, breaks, and group study. She initiated each class with a short meditation session, emphasizing mental clarity and focus. These moments of mindfulness helped students engage better during lessons. Recognizing the importance of breaks in maintaining productivity, Ms […]

Why Digitizing a School is Must in this Digital Age?

A private school in Delhi embraced digital tools and technologies to enhance its traditional classroom model and cater to the diverse learning needs of its students. They equipped classrooms with interactive whiteboards, projectors, and tablets, and provided teachers with training to effectively integrate multimedia resources into their lessons. The school also implemented a one-to-one device […]

5 Must-Have Gadgets and Smart Devices for Every Teacher

During a job interview at a school, two teachers were asked to create a presentation on their teaching philosophy and methodology. The first teacher, who was not very tech-savvy, created a presentation using traditional tools such as handwritten notes, posters, and physical props. While the presentation was informative, it lacked the visual and interactive elements […]

How AI helps in improving the experience of online examination?

During the pandemic, many educational institutions had to shift to online exams, which created a need for effective proctoring solutions to maintain academic integrity. AI-powered proctoring tools provided a solution to this problem by automating the monitoring process and flagging any suspicious behaviour. Teachers and institutes face many problems while conducting online examinations. And AI […]

Differentiated Instruction: How Teachers can Customize Classrooms for Individual Learners?

Prior to Ms. Sakshi’s implementation of differentiated learning in her classroom, Aryan, a student with a learning disability, was struggling to keep up with his peers. He found it challenging to read and comprehend written text and was having trouble understanding the material presented in class. Despite his efforts, Aryan was falling behind in his […]

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