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How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books?

A language teacher observed that a group of students always performed well in the Reading and Writing parts of the English paper. While there was another group that could not even get an average score in these sections of the paper. The teacher tried to locate the problem and found the disparities in reading and comprehension skills in different groups of students. The primary reason for this gap is the lack of effort to train students in developing proper reading skills from an early age. 

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books (1)

Reading skills are essential not only for teens and adults but even children. Good reading skills help learners in learning any skill set or discipline faster. Let us look at some of the reasons that make reading an important part of learning.

Why Reading is beneficial for kids?

Reading is an essential skill for students for many reasons. 

  • First, it is essential for academic success. To do well in school, students need to be able to read and understand their coursework. 
  • Secondly, reading is a fundamental life skill. Being able to read and comprehend information is critical for everyday tasks such as reading a map, following instructions, or filling out a form.
  • Third, reading can be a source of enjoyment and entertainment. Reading for pleasure can help students relax and de-stress, and it can also broaden their horizons and open their minds to new and different ideas. 
  • Fourth, reading can help students develop their writing skills. By reading quality writing, students can learn how to craft well-written essays and papers. 
  • Finally, reading can promote critical thinking and help students learn to analyze and interpret information. By reading critically, students can learn to question what they read and to think deeply about the world around them. 

For all of these reasons, it is clear that reading skills are essential for students. But what teachers can do to develop a love for reading in students? Digital tools and apps in the classroom for reading help teachers in shaping the reading skills of the students.

Role of Digital Apps in Enhancing Reading Skills

Digital apps can play a big role in enhancing reading skills. By providing a variety of activities and games that focus on reading skills, digital apps can help to improve a child’s ability to read. In addition, digital apps can provide a fun and engaging way for kids to practice their reading skills. 

By using digital apps, kids can learn at their own pace and get immediate feedback on their progress. This can help to make learning to read fun and exciting for kids, and can also help them progress more quickly. 

upEducators has trained 10,000+ teachers in digital skills. The educators trained by upEducators constantly make use of digital tools and technologies in the classroom. After talking to these experienced teachers, we have created a list of the best reading apps and tools used by teachers in the classrooms. So without further delay, let’s look at some of these apps and tools. 

Prodigy English

Prodigy English is an effective reading enhancement tool that can help improve reading skills. It is based on the principle of accelerated learning, which means that it can help learners to absorb new information more quickly and effectively. Prodigy English has been designed to help learners to improve their reading speed, comprehension and fluency. It can also help to improve memory and recall.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 1


Tales2go is an award-winning app that provides access to a library of hundreds of audiobooks for kids. It is a great way to encourage kids to read more, as they can listen to audiobooks while doing other activities such as playing or travelling in the car. The app is also very user-friendly, with features such as the ability to create a custom reading list and keep track of listening progress. Tales2go is therefore an excellent tool for helping kids to develop and enhance their reading skills.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 2


Audible is an online platform that offers audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio content. It helps in enhancing reading skills by providing a way to listen to books while doing other activities. It is a great resource for those who commute or have trouble reading. Listening to books can help with focus and concentration. It is also a great way to learn about new topics and gain different perspectives.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 3


Tikatok is an online platform that helps children to enhance their reading skills. It does so by providing a wide range of books for children to read, as well as many tools and resources to help them improve their reading skills.

One of the most useful features of Tikatok is the ability to track a child’s reading progress. This helps parents and teachers to identify which areas a child is struggling with and where they need more help. Tikatok also provides many fun and engaging activities to help children practice their reading skills.

Overall, Tikatok is an excellent resource for helping children to improve their reading skills. It is easy to use, has a wide range of books available, and provides many useful tools and resources.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 4

Raz Kids

Raz Kids is a website that provides a variety of levelled books for kids to read. It also has a lot of other features to help kids with their reading skills. Some of these features include: listening to the books being read aloud, reading along with the books, and quizzes to test comprehension. Raz Kids also allows kids to read books in different languages. This website is a great resource for kids who are struggling with their reading skills or for kids who just want to improve their reading skills.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 5

Night Zookeeper

Nightzookeeper is an online reading platform that helps kids develop their reading skills. The platform offers a wide range of books for kids to read, and also provides tools to help them improve their reading skills. Nightzookeeper also offers a community of readers, where kids can interact with other readers and get feedback on their reading.

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 6

Spark Reading for Kids

Spark reading for kids is an innovative reading program that helps in enhancing reading skills. It uses a unique approach that combines the power of technology with proven methods of reading instruction. The program is designed to help kids of all ages and abilities improve their reading skills. The program includes a variety of interactive activities, games, and videos that make learning to read fun and engaging. Spark reading for kids also provides parents with tools and resources to support their child’s reading development.

Reading is a prerequisite for learning. Without reading skills, learners can’t venture into the world of education and reap the benefits of a classroom environment. But thanks to technology, even non-readers can now develop reading skills easily. The right tools paired with a willingness to learn can transform any non-reader into an avid reader. 

How Teachers can Motivate Students to Become Readers and Love Books 7

Author: This article is written by Samiya Rashid for upEducators blog.

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