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Everything you Need to Know About Montessori Teacher Training Courses

Gone are the days when mugging up information and writing exams with that information helped students become successful. The education sector in the 21st century is becoming more dynamic every day. Information is available at the tip of our fingertips and students these days need to learn the way to use this information to become successful

Montessori education surpasses other forms of education systems in developing real-life skills and hands-on learning. The Montessori method of education developed by Maria Montessori is an ideal system to develop practical learning skills in young children. It is a child-centred model of education and helps develop practical skills that would help students in the real world.

Everything You Need to Know About Montessori Teacher Training Courses

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. She is widely recognized for the Montessori education method which focuses on natural learning for children. She opened the first Montessori school in 1907 in Rome and named it Casa Dei Bambini or Children’s House. She also travelled the world and wrote about her novel methods of educating children. While travelling, she attracted a lot of devotees and now thus there are thousands of Montessori schools worldwide. Montessori education revolutionized children’s education globally and due to its essential features, it stood the test of time thus many parents prefer sending their children to a Montessori school.

Essential Features of Montessori Learning

There are several essential features of Montessori learning.

  • One of the most important is that it emphasises hands-on learning. This means that children are encouraged to explore and experiment with materials, rather than simply being told what to do. 
  • Additionally, Montessori education is based on the principle of allowing children to progress at their own pace. This means that there is no pressure to keep up with classmates or adhere to a rigid curriculum.
  • Finally, Montessori classrooms are typically designed to be very inviting and stimulating, with plenty of interesting materials for children to explore.

Subjects Taught in Montessori Schools

Montessori schools offer a unique approach to education that is based on the philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori. One of the key features of Montessori education is that it is child-centred, meaning that the focus is on the individual needs of each child. As a result, Montessori schools offer a wide range of subjects and activities to meet the needs of each child. The approach to teaching at a Montessori school is different but the usual set of topics are taught at a Montessori school. Some of the subjects typically offered in Montessori schools include language arts, math, science, social studies, and foreign language.

Qualifications to become a Montessori Teacher

There are a few qualifications to become a Montessori teacher. 

  • Firstly, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field.
  • Secondly, you will need to complete an accredited Montessori teacher training program. 
  • And lastly, you will need to obtain a teaching degree or qualification valid in your country.

A Montessori training course usually lasts for one to two years. Teachers aspiring t become Montessori educators can even get an online Montessori certification. 

Any teacher who has worked in a school and has gained experience in teaching students at the school level can make a career as a Montessori teacher. A fresher candidate needs to pursue traditional teaching courses along with completing a program like a diploma or a certificate course in Montessori education to become qualified to teach in a Montessori school.

Skills Required to Become a Montessori Teacher

There are several skills required to become a Montessori teacher. The most important skill is the ability to create a positive learning environment for children. This includes creating a safe and orderly environment, while also providing opportunities for exploration and hands-on learning. Montessori teachers must also be able to adapt their lessons to meet the needs of individual students. They must have excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as patience and creativity.

Salary of Montessori Teachers

Montessori teachers’ salaries range between 1-4 lakhs in India. On average, a Montessori teacher in India earns a salary of 2 lakhs per annum.

Is Montessori School the right fit for you as a teacher?

Montessori education is quite different from a traditional school system. One may find a group of students from varied age groups in a single classroom in a Montessori school. In addition to this, Montessori education focuses on teaching students in a natural environment. A Montessori classroom has different workstations where students are expected to learn with different activities. Montessori teaching is the right fit for you if you have what it takes to perform the following tasks:

  • Bringing creativity to the classroom
  • Encouraging kindness and a joyous environment in the classroom
  • Building trust among the students 
  • Creating practical learning opportunities for students
  • Providing independent learning and building accountability
  • Encouraging different cognitive styles in a single classroom

Best Montessori Teacher Training Institutes

Teachers aspiring to become Montessori educators need to complete Montessori teacher training courses. Many institutes provide Montessori Teacher Training courses for aspiring and experienced teachers to become Montessori teachers. Even in India, there is a good number of Montessori Teacher Training institutes. We have shortlisted here some of the top Montessori teacher training institutes in India. 

  • Indian Institute for Montessori Studies Bangalore
  • Asian College of Teachers, Mumbai
  • AP Teacher Training Institute, Kolkata
  • Indian Montessori Training, Chennai
  • Our Montessori House, Delhi
  • South India Montessori Foundation, Bangalore

Montessori education is a popular educational method in the modern world. A shift from traditional methods of learning attracts a lot of parents to send their children to Montessori schools. The growing number of Montessori schools across the globe calls for a high demand for Montessori educators. Teachers aspiring to become Montessori educators can not only find a more fulfilling job but they can even land a more lucrative job in a Montessori school.

Author: This article is written by Samiya Rashid for upEducators blog.

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